Why work with us?

Work and Coworkers

You will be regarded as a responsible and reliable adult. We put a lot of trust in you and give you autonomy to do your job the best you can. You receive the training you need to do the job, then we set your goals and define your tasks together. After that you plan and organize yourself. You set your own work schedule. You work on days you want to and from where you want to. You tell us when you go on a vacation and for how long.

In the end you are judged on your results and how well you work with your peers. The same goes for your coworkers who are all A-players. If you need someone to always tell you what to do and how to do it, then it's best you find something else.


We do with as little hierarchy as possible. Founders are there to remove obstacles, help you be more efficient and not to look over your shoulder. No one has authority to say "do this because I said so". Everything is up for debate, no matter who says it. If the company is going in the wrong direction, it's everyone's responsibility to help steer it back.

Work in NiteoWeb is well organized, largely stress-free, but still challenging. We work in 12-week years. We have daily standups. We keep an up-to-date documentation on most aspects of our work. To learn more about how we work and what tools we use, read the How we work in NiteoWeb blog post.


When everyone works well, the company does well. When the company does well, everyone gets a share of the profit.

Here are some other benefits:

  • 165 hours (22 days) of paid vacation yearly,
  • one day paid public holiday granted every month (you choose which day),
  • regular work day of 7.5 hours, overtime paid 30% more,
  • interesting problems to solve, day in, day out,
  • possibility of working remote in any timezone,
  • dynamic and fun work environment,
  • long-term employment.

You'll be working with an awesome team located all over the world on interesting problems, while being challenged and learning *a ton* in the process.

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