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About us

NiteoWeb Ltd. is a web company employing a group of Internet enthusiasts. We have a diverse team of people coming from Slovenia, with the occasional help from developers from Serbia and Croatia. We read a lot, while also attending many conferences and trainings to keep in touch with the latest ideas, technologies and best-practices.

We have engaged in a large challenge at the beginning of our journey with the development of a global verification system SafeSigned™, where we served as an expert technical support and development. SafeSigned™ is an award-winning global innovation providing identity verification on the internet. Read more about it here.

Other projects which we worked on in the past range from simple websites to enterprise level web systems. Most of them can be found on our portfolio page.

We are currently working on many projects, clients' and our own. You can send us an inquiry, call us on Skype or glance through our price list yourself.


Are you puzzled by terms such as DNS, SEO, HA, eye-tracking, redundancy, SSL, etc.? We excel at bringing all those pieces together for everyday users. We provide a whole package when it comes to web solutions: design, development, deployment, search engine optimization, structural optimization, content optimization and also legal issues. We explain and advise on all aspects of having a website, either small- or enterprise-sized. Our products are all Open Source based so you don't need to worry about problems caused by vendor lock-in. Read more about what we do on our technology blog.

We specialize in Plone and Pyramid for development of web systems, advanced websites and internal document management.

We use WordPress for basic websites and blogs. The inexpensive maintenance and ease of use are welcomed by beginner users.

Our tech team is proficient in Python, JavaScript, HTML/CSS and many other technologies.

Plone & Pyramid

Plone is an enterprise-grade Content Management System and is among the top 2% of all open source projects, with 340 core developers worldwide. It has been actively developed since 2001, is available in more than 40 languages and has the best security track record of any major CMS.

Pyramid is a minimalistic open source web framework written in Python, inspired by Plone and Zope. If Plone is too heavy-weight for your project, Pyramid is the way to go.

Python is a general-purpose programming language with emphasis on code readability.